Horse Powered Farming

Farming with horses comes from three different foundations for us. First and foremost is our love of working with these beautiful, intelligent animals. We both grew up around horses, spent a lot of time riding and starting colts during our early years together, and have found great joy in introducing our children to the world of horsemanship. Our second reason for farming with horses is to carry on the traditions set forth by our farming ancestors. We love the connection we feel with the land and our forefarmers when working the soil with horses. Last but certainly not least is our desire to lower our environmental impact and make our farm more sustainable. Imagine a tractor that is intuitive enough to drive itself down a field, able to convert grass into fuel, and when put away at the end of the day makes biologically active fertilizer. With these three foundations in place, as well as some encouragement from our mentors, we are now the proud stewards of a small brigade of draft horses that we will be integrating into our farming wherever and whenever we can. Starting this spring we will be using them for some light tillage, cultivating potatoes, and helping with haying.

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