Meet Your Farmers

We are: Ray, Laura, Katie, Anna, Lee, Sara and Bo. In 2013 we moved back to the family farm here in Dunster with the intention of reviving the farm and building a successful, sustainable, family oriented business. We believe in growing delicious, nutrient dense food using regenerative agriculture practices that work in harmony with the land. We feel very blessed to be here and to be the fifth and sixth generation of this family to be farming in this beautiful valley.

Ray grew up farming here in the Robson Valley. His dad came from a family farm in Saskatchewan, while his mom grew up on the McNaughton family farm just up the hill from where we now farm. Ray took agricultural mechanics at Olds College and then worked for John Deere in Pincher Creek and Claresholm for 10 years. He met Laura in 2004, they married in 2006 and started their family. Ray is passionate about farming with his family – growing vegetables, mushrooms, and ancient grains, farming with horses, and raising livestock. Ray still does some mechanical work for other local farmers when time permits, enjoys making cheese, and loves to get out hiking and biking whenever he can.

Laura was born into a horse racing family in southern Alberta, and spent her childhood riding and showing in various disciplines. At the age of 5 she visited a local Hutterite colony with her grandparents and became infatuated with cows and dairy farming. Her parents were not at all on board with the idea of a cow, but the dream remained alive in her mind until she met Ray, who just happened to be a dairy farmer’s grandson. Laura loves being a mom, working with horses and cattle, driving tractors, camping, and photography. She is total nerd when it comes to nutrition and food, and is also a certified health coach and personal trainer.

Katie is the oldest of the Johnson kids by 15 minutes. She’s obsessed with horses and is in the process of training her very own colt. Katie loves growing flowers. You just might see some of her bouquets in some of your deliveries this season.

Anna loves animals and has a very special connection with them. She works hard around the farm wherever her help is needed. She especially enjoys collecting eggs and harvesting veggies.

Lee is a mechanically minded young man, much like his father. His other passion is cows, specifically Jerseys. He is very proud of his small herd of registered cattle.

Sara loves cows too, but makes it clear that Holsteins are the best. Her favorite pastime is riding her horse Blaze. She is an enthusiastic helper with every single project around the farm.

Bo joined us in August of 2020, born here on the farm in a tipi on a rainy morning. He is delightful little man, tagging happily along on all adventures.

We look forward to the adventures this year is bringing – growing, connecting, and sharing our passion for food, farming, and family.

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