Farm Food Delivery

Farm fresh food....delivered to your doorstep!

For the 2022 season we are trying something new. We are moving to an online store tailored to local food and farms called Local Line. We are excited about the convenience of this platform for both you the customer in tallying up and viewing your orders, and for us as farmers not spending countless hours replying and transcribing individual email orders!


Our summer season deliveries will be every week from July 6th thru September 7th. Our winter season deliveries are every other week starting September 14th and continuing until March 29th.


Here is how the program will work this season:


1) Sign-up using the form below


2) We will contact you via email to confirm your registration, make arrangements for your membership fee, and get you signed up for the Cook With What You Have recipe subscription that is included in your membership fee


3) In June we will send you your login information for our Local Line store


4) On Friday July 1st (and every Friday after that until September) you will receive an email with a link to our Local Line store. Please make your selections and place your orders before the following Monday afternoon.  In the Local Line store you will be able to select the standard delivery and/or make your own selections from a list of farm fresh food. The minimum order will be set at $30. Payment for your order must be done online via e-transfer or credit card (credit card payments will be processed thru Square)


5) Your delivery of local, fresh, farm food will be delivered to your doorstep Wednesday afternoon!



This online model puts a lot of control and trust in you, the customers, hands. We are trusting that you are committed to local, organic, fresh foods, and will place regular orders each week as long as you are home (i.e. not on holidays). We are apprehensive about this model because we have an ambitious crop plan and our family’s income is dependent on being able to sell most, if not all, of the food we produce. We have faith you will not let us down….and you can count on us to provide the best local food we are capable of producing!

Farm Food Delivery Sign Up
Phone number we can text or call for last minute changes or reminders


1. How much does it cost?

Our membership fee for just the Summer season, or just the Winter season, is $30. For a complete summer and winter season membership the fee is $60. These membership fees cover packaging costs for your deliveries and access to the Cook With What You Have recipe service (a website for unique recipe ideas searchable by vegetable or fruit type)


The standard (curated) summer deliveries are $45 each week. The Winter deliveries are $60 for the standard (curated) delivery and $40 for the mini (curated) delivery. The minimum customized delivery thru Local Line will be $30 for both summer and winter if you don’t select the curated delivery in the online store.


2. How do I pay you? Can I just give you cash at the door?

Our preferred payment method is e-transfer, but PayPal and credit card also work. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash upon delivery because it slows down our delivery process substantially.


3. What day and what time can I expect my delivery?

For our Summer season, we will be delivering to Jasper on Wednesdays between 3:30 and 5:30 pm AB time. Valemount deliveries will happen Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 7:30pm


4. Are you Certified Organic?

At this point, no, we are not. We believe in Organic growing wholeheartedly and follow organic practices without exception. We don’t use any chemicals or fertilizers other than compost or natural rock minerals on our farm.


5. Where do you source your fruit from?

All of the fruit we include in our deliveries is grown in the Cawston/Keremeos area of Southern BC. All of it is Certified Organic and from farmers we know personally. We also source things like tomatoes and other heat loving crops from Organic farms in the Vernon area.

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