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Farm fresh food....delivered to your doorstep!

Our Farm Food delivery program is built off the traditional CSA model, with a couple of tweaks. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The essence of CSA is the mutual commitment between a farm and its supporters. It’s a dance of sorts, a symbiotic relationship based on a common love for good food and connection. A classic CSA requires members to pay upfront for their entire share at the beginning of the season, but we find this to be cost prohibitive for a lot of folks, so we’ve designed our program to allow for weekly or monthly payments. You’re still completely welcome to pay upfront for the whole season, but most of our members pay on a weekly basis. Because this is essentially a subscription, it is expected that members will be wanting a delivery every week (or every other week as is the case during the Winter season). Obviously, if you’re going to be away we totally understand. It’s just a lot easier for us as farmers to plan our harvests and deliveries with consistent numbers. If you have a friend or neighbor who can take your delivery while you’re away we would greatly appreciate you making those arrangements.

As a Farm Food member, you have options!


You can sign up for just the Summer season (July through September)

…..or just the Winter season (October though March)

…..or if you are a Farm Food Rockstar you can sign up for the complete Summer and Winter seasons! (July through March)


Please note, if you are signing up for the Winter season (on its own or as Farm Food Rockstar) you can choose from 2 delivery sizes:


Our standard delivery is 5-8 items and is perfect for couples or families that are committed to including farm fresh vegetables, fruit and heritage grains in most of their meals.


Our mini delivery is generally the same 5-8 items as our standard delivery, just in smaller amounts. This size is tailored for people living on their own, or for couples/families who find themselves eating out or ordering in enough that they cannot use up a standard portion of fresh farm foods. Obviously on some crops this isn’t an option (large cabbages, humongous butternut squash, particularly statuesque watermelon radishes, etc) but we will always do our best to match the variety of our standard deliveries to the mini version.


Our Summer deliveries come in standard size only. During this season we bring a lot of leafy greens and fruit to your table, which most folks seem to have no trouble using up. If you do find yourself with excess produce, please share with a friend or consider preserving some of your bounty by way of freezing, dehydrating, or canning.


With each delivery you will have the option of adding Extras to your order. This is intended for people who want to stock their freezers and pantries, preserve via canning or dehyrating, or simply purchase a larger quantity of specific crops.




If this all sounds great to you and you’re ready to sign up, please fill in the sign up form below and you’re good to go!


If you need more information, scroll on down to the FAQ’s below………


Farm Food Delivery Sign Up



1. How much does it cost?

Our membership fee for just the Summer season, or just the Winter season, is $30. The Rockstar membership fee, which covers both the Summer and Winter seasons, is $60. These fees cover packaging costs for your deliveries and access to the Cook With What You Have recipe service (which is a very neat new tool that we’re super excited about!)


The Summer deliveries are $45 each week. The Winter deliveries are $60 for the standard size and $40 for the mini size, delivered every other week.


2. How do I pay you? Can I just give you cash at the door?

Our preferred payment method is e-transfer, but PayPal also works. Unfortunately we cannot accept cash upon delivery because it slows down our delivery process substantially, and we cannot handle food and cash at the same time.


3. Why must I prepay for my delivery?

We ask that you prepay for your delivery in order to streamline our harvest-pack-deliver process and to work around specific zoning laws that do not permit commerce in residentially zoned areas.


4. What day and what time can I expect my delivery?

For our Summer season, we will be delivering to Jasper on Thursdays between 3:30 and 6:30 pm AB time, and to Dunster/McBride/Valemount on Fridays between 3 and 6pm BC time.


5. Are you Certified Organic?

At this point, no, we are not. We believe in Organic growing wholeheartedly and follow organic practices without exception. We don’t use any chemicals or fertilzers other than compost or natural rock minerals on our farm.


6. Where do you source your fruit from? What about other crops that you can’t easily grow in the North?

All of the fruit we include in our deliveries is grown in the Cawston/Keremeos area of Southern BC. All of it is Certified Organic and from farmers we know personally. We also source things like tomatoes and other heat loving crops from Organic farms in the Vernon area.

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